Tuck Everlasting

by Natalie Babbitt

Natalie Babbitt loved reading fairy tales and myths when she was young. She also loved to draw. (http://www.ipl.org/div/askauthor/babbitt.html)
In this story the characters are Miles, Jesse, Mae, the rest of the Tuck family and Winnie and her family.

In the beginning, Winnie is laying in peaceful heaven when her mom called her in for dinner and she said I want a new name not one that gets all wared out. Later on, Winnie saw a man with a yellow suit and she started talking to him. By the time night was dark her
grandma asked her, who are you talking too? The next day Winnie went into the woods and saw a man drinking water from a tree and and she got kidnapped by him and by his brother. Jesse and Miles took Winnie back to there place and threw her off there horse and on to the gravel ground.

In the middle Winnie had dinner with the Miles. She didn't want to disturb them by eating wrong so she watched for a while and then ate, while they were eating, they were talking about taking Winnie for a stroll in the pond. After they had taken that stroll they headed off to bed. Winnie slept on a lumpy bed with a bad pillow. Jesse had asked Winnie when you turn seventeen drink from the well and we can get married. Winnie didn't like that idea as much as she thought about it. And all she could do was stare at Jesse in a surprised look.

In the end the man with the yellow suit told Winnie's family that he knew where Winnie was. The next day they started searching. When they found her, the man in the yellow suit said I am taking Winnie home now, Winnie said but I don't want to go home and he said your family is counting on me to get you home. Mae got really mad so she got out her shotgun and shot him. Mae had to go to the gallows. (Jail as in our time.) A few days later Jesse wanted to take her out so he, Winnie and Miles went out at midnight they had Miles with to help brake the bars, Winnie got just enough room to get through and to get Mae out without anybody seeing them. Then in 1948 Winnie died. Jesse's his heart would probably be broken if he read her gravestone that said "Dear wife dear mother." Winnie did not marry him or run away with him I bet he was very fond of her, and how sad it was to read that chapter.