In Ruthie's Gift she meets twins named
Hille and Mille and they sleep over at Ruthies house and Mille got hit
Ruthie did not men to hit her she was tring to hit her bother and it him and bounst off her brother and hit Mille and she stared to cry and they went home. Ruthie was sad. At school Hille and Mille were't friends with Ruthie they only wound get to play if they were a sign to and they that did not.One day Ruthie was sick she sleep thure Christmas and her burthday. And Ruthie all most die but her brother that she was tring to hit save her lift because when Ruthie was at school it the sick started to happen and her brother cary her home. And when it was breakfast her dad would cary her evey day from upstars to downstars.and when she was done her dad would cary her upstars again and she will sleep untill lunch. and evey one at school she new miss her even Hille and Mille miss her to. And when she was at school every one was glad she was at school again and she was friends with Hille and Mille!!!!! And Ruthie made socks for Mille and Hille because thay only have one pair of socks. And thay were so happy and thay came really best friends again! And some girl like her because Ruthie was sick from school. And Ruthie dId NOT like it but she forgot about it!