The magic tree house

civil war on Sunday

By:Shelby Wampler

Civil war on Sunday is a great book. Because Jack and Annie go to civil war . They need to find some thing for morgen library. They did but they had one problem Annie wanted to say and help. So they did. But Jack was angry. So he got over it. They got a list to help them.The first

person was a shoulder from the war. Jack gave him some water , some bread and Jack did what the list said. Annie did the same as Jack did but to a different person.Then Jack and Annie went to the battle field to bring the people that they help.Then they went back to the hospital and help.They found a drummer in the tent .Jack and Annie went to go help him and he look like Jack.The drummer said he had to go back and keep drumming.So Jack and Annie help the boy and he got to go back and drum.Then Jack and Annie went home and they ask there mom and dad was anyone in the Civil war and the dad look surprised and said yes.Then Jack and Annie said what was his name and Jack dad said his name was John. Cool said Jack and Annie and that is it

I give it a five out of five stars it is a great book.