Properties of Water

The properties of water are... evaporation which is when water turns into vapor by being in hot air for a certain amount of time, condensation is when water molecules warp to gather and stick to cold glass surfaces, precipitation which is when water rains, snows, sleets, or hails. when water freezes it expands and turns into ice, but when you take it out and you thaw it you'll have the same amount of water you started with before you froze it.

The water cycle starts when...

Water evaporates up into clouds. Then condensation starts when the water collects and forms into droplets and gets heavy and falls to earth. The precipitation happens and the water falls to earth. It collects in puddles, rivers and the ocean. That's called collection. Then it starts again with evaporation happening. That's why its called a cycle.

Water facts

Here are some water facts that you may or not know:

- water is a liquid that you drink
-everybody in the waorld has to drink water to survive
- water helps you stay healthy
- water is the most healthy drink in the World
- water can help you not get dehydrated
- water can be a good help to your health
- water can be found in almost anywhere
-Water can be found in your body
- in the winter on a bus, you can see water on a bus window where it condenses.
-Water is in the air. That is called vapor
-Water gets reused over and over again, all because of cycles.
- Water can be used in many different types of ways, that means when you wash your self or you swim in water, drink it you are using water that could be already used!!!
-Water wants to cling to more water. That can be surface tension. It can also be condensation. Like air wants to get to more warm air, like you never want to stay in the cold and get to warm.
-You live in water (in the air), some people call it mist but they're wrong, it's actually called vapor, you can find vapor in the air.

Creative Water Writing

The Water Rap

Water molecules evaportate
Into clouds they condensate.
Down to earth they fall or float
As snow or rain they precipitate.

Into puddles they collect
Into streams, they like to float
To the ocean or a castle moat.

Water waves. Hi, it says. Goodbye, it goes.