The Magic Tree House Book
Buffalo Before Breakfast
By:Shelby Wampler

Buffalo before breakfast is a great book. because Jack and Annie go on a thrip to The Great Plains. so they went back in time almost 200 years a go. and the tree house was in a big?.. grass pile .so they thried to find a places to stay and they did. they found a friend and put two fingers up. that men we come in peace. Jack and Annie went to there home and sleepet there. when Jack weak up Annie was gon.? Jack was worry about Annie. but she was o.k.. she was out sid? and the pepoul where packing up. to go to a Differant place to stay. Jack was scared he was looking for Annie and Annie said Hi Jack. Jack said were is the gift. Annie said it is rate her. o.k. said Annie let's go home said Annie o.k. said Jack .so they went hom and they brot a gift back .

this is a great book and you should read the book .I like the book so? I will give it a five

The End