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A timeline of events leading up to the Civil War
  • 1789
    • The Bill Of Rights
      • Gives people protections and rights that shields citizens from government. "People" in the Bill of Rights were not not just white men. People began thinking about the rights for women and slaves. Eventually, this led to war.

  • 1819
    • The Missouri Compromise

  • Missouri asked to join the union as a slave state so to keep a balance of pro-slave and anti-slave sates Henry Clay proposed a compromise and it was that if Missouri joined the union as a slave state than Maine would join as an anti-slave state and it was so.

  • 1850
    • The Compromise Of 1850
      • In 1850 Henry Clay proposed a second Compromise, that was to keep peace between the North and the South with the argument about California joining the union as a free state it should have been a slave state than the other half of the compromise was that New Mexico,and Utah could vote wen ever they want about having a law about having slaves or not.

  • 1854
    • "Bleeding Kansas"
      • The Kansas Nebraska act caused bitter war between North and South for the first time ever Americans where fighting each other!!!!!! how amazing if that!

  • 1860
    • The Election of Abraham Lincoln
      • Abraham Lincoln was elected president he promised to leave slavery alone in the south but didn't want slavery to spread into other territories!

President Lincoln with Tad Lincoln
President Lincoln with Tad Lincoln, his son.
  • 1861
    • The Election Of Jefferson Davis
      • When Jefferson Davis was elected to be President of the Confederate States who were southern states that wanted to keep their rights of having Slaves.

  • 1861
    • The Attack Of Fort Sumter
      • April 12th 1861, Confederate army attacked Fort Sumter they attacked it for 33 hours straight, after the tremendous fight the Civil War had blasting start as in the south Chapel bells rang out though the black bloody night in celebration!!

Lincoln's Statement Against Slavery

Lt. General Ulysses Grant, 1864

Buffalo Bill's Enlistment Papers

"Buffalo Bill" Cody enlisted in the Civil War.
What side was he on?

Removing the wounded.