Our Wiki Home

This portion of our classroom website is a place where you can live out our classroom values, the 5C's.

Another place in our community

  • Contribute your ideas, your knowledge and your work. We are all better when we all contribute.

  • Collaborate with one another. No one owns an idea once it is shared (but that doesn't give you permission to plagiarize).

  • Cooperate by "listening" to others' ideas, considering what they have to say. Be willing to change your own ideas as you add others' ideas to your own. Flexibility is a sign of intelligence. Be polite. Empathy is also a sign of intelligence.

  • Care enough to make your contributions the best they can be so that our site becomes the best it can be.

  • Celebrate learning. Celebrate knowledge. Celebrate by contributing by collaborating and by your willingness to listen. Celebrate ideas.


This wiki is part of our community. Remember, "it is what YOU make it!"

Please recored your activity in the table below (hit the edit button to add to the table, then save). Please only use your first name and last initial in the name column. It will be easier to show your parents your work, if you have kept track of what you have done. We'll also print your best work here to include in your portfolio!

When can you update wiki pages?

  • Before homeroom (use the iMacs in Commons B or ask Mrs. Halvorson for a laptop),
  • during Morning Meeting (no talking, and please listen to announcements),
  • during silent reading*,
  • during work or center time*,*
  • at 3:00, if you are ready to go.
Of course, you may also work on the wikis from home!!

*If you are reading an hour a night, or finishing a book a week, then you are welcome to use silent reading time for wiki work. Just get your parent's initial in your assignment notebook with the minutes/pages you read.

*,*Check with Mrs.Koopman. If you are making progress, of course you may wiki. For example, your writing has been written, revised and is looking great...then write to our wiki!